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The Best Way To Sterilization Monitoring

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Sterilization Monitoring

Sterilization involves chemical, mechanical as well as biological treatments of all the surgical equipment. It is, therefore, considered to be very pertinent to monitor all the procedures effectively so that the products could be assuredly made ready to be used by the customers. A lot of guidelines have been issued by the CSSD and the National Health Ministry to ensure that no equipment escape the rigorous process of sterilization. Ayka Medical understands the centrality that this procedure holds in the medical supervisions and hence advocate transparent adherence to all the processes of sterilization monitoring recommended by the medical standardization.



Biological Indicators by Ayka Medical

Ayka Medical, after sufficiently evaluating the conditions as well as the utility of the procedures manufacture the equipment for biological monitoring. We are fully aware of the fact that BI i.e. Biological Indicators are one of the most popular ways to determine if an adequate level of sterilization has been achieved. It is important to underline here that Ayka Medical uses the most resistant microbes as BI indicators. Adhering thus to the recommendations of highly reputed authorities like ADA, OSHA and ODC enables us to conduct in office as well as mail-in biological monitoring effectively.



As far as the mechanical monitoring is concerned, it is used to examine the status of the gauges, display and screens used for the purpose of sterilization. While ensuring whether a sterilization equipment is ready to be utilized, multiple factors which include checking the temperature and pressure while observing the displays are used for mechanical monitoring. By shrewdly observing the extent of the load in the equipment before the unloading, accurate readings can be obtained. It is very important to underline here that although correct readings are not necessarily helpful in asserting sterilization, but inaccurate ones can certainly highlight the problem, if any.



Chemical indicators by Ayka medical

Ayka medical considers chemical monitoring to be one of the most advanced way of detecting and thereby demolishing the micro-organisms. It uses modernized techniques by exposing the process of sterilization to physical factors like time and temperature and checks whether adequate sterilization has been met. The chemical indicators manufactured by Ayka medical comes in color changing strips that makes sterilization monitoring easy and efficient. We also ascertain that, as per the standards of multiple national and state medical agencies, all the indicators are reliable and provide easy fail/pass monitoring.



Chemical and mechanical methods exist because biological method cannot be conducted on a daily basis. Moreover, what also needs to be underlined at this point is the fact that whereas chemical and mechanical sterilizers are not really effective in sterilization, they do help in eliminating the highly resistant and in checking the incorrect packaging. Each kind of monitoring thus has its own relevance and importance.




Ayka medical is one of the most competent companies that are currently providing their goods and services in the market. We have the most proficient team of medical and surgical experts who keep them abreast to all the latest advancements as well as improvements in the domain. This assists us in giving us services that are not only medically reliable, but also economically viable. You can thus rely on us when choosing the best sterilization monitoring kits. For more info contact us on [email protected]

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