Sterilization Reels for Hospitals and Labs

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Sterilization Reels for Hospitals and Labs

Hospitals would want to find high quality sterilization reels for packaging their medical devices and accessories. Sterilization reels offer convenience and safety in a medical environment. Here are some reasons you might consider investing in sterilization reels.


Since you are handling reels instead of fixed length, you get a lot of leeway in terms of length of packaging. You can make the packaging as long or as short as you like. This also results in cost saving where length is not wasted or you don’t have to run the risk of packaging products in too small pouches.

ISO certification-

Look for products that come with the right ISO certifications. Medical packaging needs to be manufactured to many safety standards, so you would want to read the compliance factors printed on the brochure before making a purchase. Ideally, you would look for ISO 11140-1 for non toxic inks, ISO 9001.2008 for manufacturing process and EN ISO 11607 for medical packaging sizing standards.

Heat Sealing-

Heat sealing is a convenient, non messy, and safe way to ensure complete sealing, keeping out moisture and foreign particles as well as germs. You would want to check if the sterilization reels can be heat sealed. Usually, reels have a coating of polymer that is not just easy to seal but also to open.


Other than reel length, you would want to consider width and depth of the packaging material. The product to be packaged may be thicker than usual, so the reel material should be appropriately sized before you place an order for sterilization reels.

Gas permeability-

Good gas permeability is another factor when choosing the right sterilization reels. On the other hand, microbial barriers are an important criterion as well.

Medical grade paper –

If purchasing paper based reels, it must be ensured that thick medical grade paper at least 60-70 GSM is used. This helps build multilayered barrier protection.

Non toxic-

This property makes the packaging reliable in a medical environment. This would include the inks used as well as raw materials, all following relevant ISO standards.

Sterilization indicator –

Easy to detect change in color will help ensure perfect sterilization. This is one of the requirements under ISO standards for medical packaging including sterilization reels. Another factor would be the integrity of packaging when undergoing sterilization processes via steam or formaldehyde.

The reputation of the supplier is also important. You would want to purchase supplies from a reputable supplier, with long experience in catering to the healthcare industry and to the medical sector. Also important would be factors such as price, bulk discounts, order size, available stocks, and rushed supply in the event of an emergency.

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