Sterilization Non-Woven Wraps

Non Woven Wraps

Sterilization Non-Woven wraps manufactured from two outer layers of Spunbond and two internal layers of Meltblown commonly known as SMMS, which provide high level of protection from fluids, particulate and microbial contamination. Nov-woven have smooth surface pattern that allows better gripe to adhesives providing a strong seal. Also non-woven wraps has stronge resistance to punctures and tears which keeps packaged contents sterile. Non-Woven also works as a safety precautions against oxygen – rich OR environments.

S. No.SIZECat. No. (35 GSM-BLUE)Cat. No. (50 GSM BLUE)
150  cms. x 50 cms.SW35050050B SW50050050B
260  cms. x 60 cms.SW35060060BSW50060060B
375  cms. x 75 cms.SW35075075BSW50075075B
490  cms. x 90 cms.SW35090090BSW50090090B
5100  cms. x 100 cms.SW35100100BSW50100100B
6120  cms. x 120 cms.SW35120120BSW50120120B
7130  cms. x 150 cms.SW35130150BSW50130150B