Crepe Paper Wraps

Crepe Paper Wraps

Made using environmentally permissive cellulose material derived from wood pulp, dispossess skin sensitivity issues associative with oily residues in plastic wrappers, excellent bacterial barrier for both airborne and waterborne contamination’s, Exceptional Tensile Strength in wet or dry state, Crepe Paper can be use with ETO, steam, gamma or E-Beam sterilization method.

Utilities Of The Medical Crepe Wrapping Paper

With the medical facilities going one step forward every day, the equipment is also undergoing changes. You can see a reflection of this advancement through the medical crepe wrapping paper too. Moreover, the high-grade sterilization crepe paper must have a decent feel for sanitization.

We derive the best quality cellulose from the wood pulp for making the product environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the medical grade paper manufactured by our team of experts has excellent capacities to prevent bacterial entry. The exceptional crepe wraps can prevent contamination from both air and waterborne sources. The decent adaptability of the medical crepes will follow the perfect method of sterilization.

1 50  cms. x 50  cms. SWCP050050B
2 60  cms. x 60 cms. SWCP060060B
3 75  cms. x 75 cms. SWCP075075B
4 90  cms. x 90 cms. SWCP090090B
5 100  cms. x 100 cms. SWCP100100B
6 120  cms. x 120 cms. SWCP120120B
7 130  cms. x 150 cms. SWCP130150B