Tyvek Self Seal Pouch

Tyvek Self Seal Pouches

Tyvek Self Seal Pouches are most commonly used by medical device manufacturers for packaging medical devices, pouches made of Tyvek® are used in healthcare settings to provide resistance to microbial penetration, helping in maintaining sterility of the contents. Tyvek pouches when opened generates very few airborne particles in comparison to medical grade papers. Compatible with all of most commonly used sterilization methods, including ethylene oxide (EO), Plasma and low-temperature sterilization processes. Tyvek also comes with superior tear and puncher resistance.

1 75  mm x 200  mm SPHS075200T
2 75  mm x 300 mm SPHS075300T
3 100  mm x 200 mm SPHS100200T
4 100  mm x 300 mm SPHS100300T
5 150  mm x 300 mm SPHS150300T
6 200  mm x 400 mm SPHS200400T
7 250  mm x 450 mm SPHS250450T
8 300  mm x 500 mm SPHS300500T