Self Seal Sterilization Pouches

Self Seal Pouch

Self sealing pouch with color sterilization indicator for use in any steam sterilizer or Autoclave, manufactured using medical-grade Kraft paper and transparent polypropylene/ polyester laminate film. The combination of sufficient width self-sealing strip and a perforated fold gives a clean, uniform fold and thereby create an effective seal. Designed critically to maintain sterility of the contents until use.

157 mm x 100+30 mmSPSS057130P
270 mm x 230+30 mmSPSS070260P
390 mm x 135+30 mmSPSS090165P
490 mm x 230+30 mmSPSS090260P
5135 mm x 250+30 mmSPSS135280P
6190 mm x 330+30 mmSPSS190360P
7200 mm x 290+30 mmSPSS200320P
8200 mm x 330+30 mmSPSS200360P
9230 mm x 365+30 mmSPSS230395P
10305 mm x 400+30 mmSPSS305430P
11400 mm x 500+30 mmSPSS400535P
12500 mm x 600+30 mmSPSS500630P