Sterility Maintenance Covers or Dust Covers

Sterility Maintenance Covers

Sterility Maintenance Covers are designed for use after sterilization give better protection to products from lint, moisture, contaminations and dust. Sterility Maintenance covers or Dust covers by Ayka Medical comes in variations of sizes with option of Self-seal or heat-seal.

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Non Woven Tray Liners

Tray Liners Non-Woven

Tray Liner by Ayka Medical comes in wide range of GSM are used as an excellent utility with feature such as tear and burst strength, also serve the capacity to repel fluids and alcohol residues in sterilization process.

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Absorbent Tray Liner

Tray Liners Absorbent

Absorbents Tray Liner By Ayka Medical are used as an excellent utility in sterilization trays and while working as sponge tray liners poses excellent capacity to absorb excessive liquids and fluids which help in keeping the equipment clean and dry in steam sterilization process.

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