NAB Accredited Medical Packaging Manufacturer Is The One You Can Trust

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The world of medical packaging is ever evolving. Manufacturers seek new ways and use a variety of materials in their bid to ensure packaging is unique for each category of product and that such packaging meets the stringent norms of safety and sterility along with ease of use and identification. It is also important that the packaging retain its integrity. Innovative manufacturers of medical packaging come up with new designs and structural configurations such as blister packaging, individual wraps, multi-compartmental trays, water soluble packaging, pouches and cartons made using various materials. Materials commonly used are polymer films that may be single films, laminated films or coextruded films. The polymers used include polythene, cellophane, polypropylene and polycarbonate. Choosing the right manufacturer is important not only from the unique design and structural properties perspective but also from perspectives of cost and safety.

The basic capability one must look for in manufacturers is their ability to come up with unique, cost effective designs to suit the medical product or device. Such capabilities can include design and tooling to moulding and vacuum forming in sterile environments. Not only that, the manufacturer must have at hand various materials to come up with the right combination. Manufacturer of medical packaging that can work with polyethylene terephthalate, PVC, polyurethane films and polycarbonates are to be preferred. It is just as important that the company works closely with the client to understand requirements and develop a packaging product that also serves as a unique identifier.

Even more important is that the packaging manufacturer must follow and comply with international regulations governing medical products and their packaging. There are various standards such as ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and FSSAI that define quality standards for medical packaging. One of the most trustworthy certifications one can completely rely on is NABL accredited medical packaging. NABL is National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, a constituent Board of Quality Council of India. It has international recognition and commonly follows ISO 17025 for medical packaging. Test laboratories obtain NABL accreditation and work as third party testing agencies for manufacturers of medical packaging. Their certification as regards integrity of the packaging and its safety are universally accepted.

Choosing medical packaging from a manufacturer who works supportively to help manufacturers of medical devices with best in class safe and secure, cost effective packaging is the right decision. If the manufacturer has test certificates from NABL accredited test labs is a great confidence booster and gives complete peace of mind.

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