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Sterilization reel use, size, types & standards:
Monday, September 19, 2018
Sterilization reel and pouches are made by combining medical grade paper and transparent polymer which is compatible with steam autoclave, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde steam. The formaldehyde steam and ethylene oxide sterilization are smeared on the medical grade medical paper surface of the reel so as to assist in differentiating between the unprocessed and processed packages.
There are different types of sterilization reels and pouches which include; 
Gusseted reels and pouches which consist of one layer of laminated transparent film and a white damp resistant medical kraft paper made to ensure anti-bacterial protection.
Self- sealing reels and pouches have reinforced corners to prevent dust from collecting near to the opening which reduces the risks of contamination during openings.
Flat reels and pouches which consist of special type of polyester and co-polymer polypropylene specifically made to ensure high anti- bacterial protection.
These laminated transparent film and medical papers used in sterilization reels and pouches must meet specific standards from European and American. They must possess the following standards; DIN 58953 (German), PHARMACOPEA 589 (French), EN 868-3 (European), BS 6256 (English).
-Sterilization reels and pouches are used in preventing ink pigmentation. 
-They have an extra reinforced layer film used to avoid tear during openings.
- They have protective dust covers for increased protection of sterile packs during distribution and storage. 
- They are used to package extra-long products.
- They ensure the protection of medical device against contamination with bacteria and chemicals from the time of sterilization until use of the sterile medical device.
-They offer an economic, high performance package resistant to tearing for steam and sterilization.
- They have strong seal strength and visible sealing lines that creates independent barriers to contamination.
Sterilization reels and pouches are mostly used because of their extremely gas quantity and microbial barrier properties. They can also be comfortably sealed with all sealing machines and can be created under validated production process.

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