Importance of Sterilization

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The aim of sterilization is to eradicate all form of live microorganism from a substance. This procedure done particularly for the articles have direct application on human or animals. Hence, it is imperative to preserve a substance for a long time without decay. If not sterilized, then microbes can cause infection.
The microbes are invisible to the naked eye and few bacteria’s have a protective sheath on their surface making them resistant to sterilization. Hence, following sterilization methods are adopted by the medical professionals:-

Classification of Methods
Disinfection and Sterilization are done by following common procedures

  1. Physical Agents
    • Heat (by moist heat/dry heat)
    • Filtration
    • Radiation
  2. Chemical agents: boiling to set time period.

In the process of methods and procedure of sterilization, strongly depend on the “importance of Sterilization reels, pouches and related accessories.” for the purpose.

Importance of Sterilization reels:
It is a superior quality medical paper that provides ideal sterilizing packing in hospital and clinic use.
Provides maximum safety
The reels are heat seal-able PET/PP film
Transparent multilayer co-polymer film provides easy identification
Clean fiber free opening.
All imprints are located outside the packing areas to prevent ink pigment migration to the product.
Indicators which are water based non-toxic and give accurate for steam EO gas indicator, steam autoclave indicator, formaldehyde Sterilization.
Corner seal which helps reduce contamination.
These properties are very useful in sterilization process.

Importance of Sterilization wrap:
Surgine Wrap allow for wrapped item to be tightly packed. It is made of high quality fabric SMMS ( Spunbond, melt blown, Spun bond) which provides a high level protection against fluids, particles and microbial contamination.
It is ISO 11607:2006 certified product.
It helps reduce Moisture proof and cost effective.
Soft in touch, medium weight, available in different sizes
High strength, anti-static, drape-ability, permeability, low tinting
Germs free
Resistant to tear

Importance of Sterilization pouch:
Useful in packing of surgical instruments
Made up of medical grade paper and PET/PP laminated film, the later are pressed, heat sealed and fused together, 4 line seal
Bags are printed with several indicators for steam and gas sterilization.
Seal in thumb notch, also in V form.
Easy to open.
Sterilizer indicators:
The process of sterilization can be monitored by these indicators:-

  1. Physical Indicators (PI’s): This indicator based on the observation and evaluation of the physical parameters like, temperature, pressure, sound, run time, run number etc. in each cycle of experiment that is recorded. In these day automatic system is also developed to do this job.
  2. Chemical Indicators (CI’s): The CI’s involves in the uses of C.I. that change colour or physical form when exposed to certain temperature. Hence it is called as process indicators, which indicates the items have been processed to certain temperature , irrespective of sterilization was successful or not. This is used as external indicator on the outside of each pack, pouch or cassette to indicate that items have been heat processed from those that have not.
  3. Biological Indicators (BI’s): Biological indicators involves, a monitoring process, using a known resistant bacteria species of known population, to know the level of sterilization process in which artificial conditions are made to kill the bacteria e.g. the bacteria Geobacillus Stearothermophilus is highly resistant in hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization.
    This is the only type of monitor that gives direct evidence of sterilization. BI are considered as “gold standard” of load sterilization procedure.
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