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Assuring cleanliness of CSSD and OR staff

CSSD and OR staff

WHO are the CSSD and OR STAFF?

CSSD, in medical terminologies stands for Central Sterility Supply Department whereas OR denotes Operating Rooms. Most obviously, these are the places where medical equipment and patients are dealt with. All the surgical instruments and medical equipment are exposed to humans as well as non-bio contact for a considerable time in both these spaces. Therefore, keeping these places free from germs or any form of contamination does not only need to be assured, but it also needs to be prioritized. In CSSD, the staff is expected to disinfect all the sterilizing equipment thoroughly in a short duration of time. Since a CSSD or an OR deals with a large number of surgical equipment on a regular basis, the process has to be accelerated.

However, simultaneously, it also needs to be assured that the qualitative assessment of the services is not being compromised. There are many factors that ascertain whether the adequate standards of hygiene are being attended to by the people who handle these products. It goes without saying that reliability of CSSD is highly dependent on the caution taken to ensure healthy and certified services. It also has a natural effect on the commercial profit of the industry in general. Therefore, cleanliness of CSSD and OR Staff has to be understood as a broad concept that involves a lot of mechanical as well as manual efforts.


Ayka Medical, one of the most competent medical companies, understands the concerns aforementioned and ensures that the services it caters to the masses are received in a productive manner. Employing a multidimensional and all encapsulating approach, this highly coveted company tries to ensure that our services meet the safety criteria set by the authorities. It is also important to keep experimenting with the existing methodologies and revolutionize the process of cleanliness altogether. Let us look at these processes and further try to analyse how Ayka Medical integrates these processes in its functionalities and operations.




Three basic essentials, that all the medical staff, irrespective of the department they are serving in, are as follows-

  • The staff’s gowns, hand gloves as well as head caps have to be thoroughly sterilized.
  • The CSSD and OR Staff should also have trimmed nails and short hair so as to eliminate any possible channel of direct contamination.
  • It also needs to be ascertained that the staff members carry a hand sanitizer with them all the time.
  • All the possibilities of cross contamination have to be eliminated.
  • It is also very important to dispose all the medical waste time to time.
  • The use of chemicals can be proved to be very hazardous for not only the OR Staff but also for the people who come in direct contact with them.
  • While handling any of the surgical or medical equipment, the CSSD and OR Staff is required to wash their hands before and after the process immediately.
  • Shaking hands, hugging or any other sort of physical contact should be discouraged within the CSSD an OR premises.
  • All the disinfectants used by the manufacturers such as dishwashers, gels and wipes need to be of premium quality.


How Ayka Medical is a reliable company on the parameters of cleanliness?

From a minor safety pin to big syringes, everything from a transportation cart to plastic containers, from footwears to tables- all the things at Ayka are astutely taken care of. Using the technology of M Cleaning, even the wide surfaces can be absolutely disinfected in a short duration of time and it makes the whole procedure of manufacturing and upkeep of medical products at Ayka very reliable. Moreover, all the anaesthesia equipment, spectacles, dental surgery, basins and bowls etc. are also handled with great precision and mindfulness. The OR Staff needs to make sure that all the items are timely decontaminated and the items that are not fit to be used have to be disposed with immediate effect so that they could not possibly have any noxious effect on co-workers, patients or any outsider, for that matter.

Additionally, the lesser one touches the carts and racks, the better it is for everyone. If a high degree of flexibility can be introduced in these wheelers, the CSSR and OR Staff’s human contact can be significantly minimized. It will also ensure the longevity of the technological equipment as very peripheral manhandling would be minimal. Using AO value calculator is also considered by Ayka Medical, as it absolutely reduces the energy consumed and maximizes the effectiveness of the result. Various forms of sensors and triggers are used in these high ended technologies so that no glitch can occur.


Investing in Ayka Medical, which uses advanced technologies and appends it with strict guidelines to its staff for effective implementation, can surely be the wisest decision if you are concerned about the hygiene of your medical equipment and don’t want to settle for anything lesser than the best. For any queries contact us on [email id].

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