Ayka focuses on manufacturing sterilization packaging to the highest levels of safety and security for the medical device industry and for use in hospitals as well. Set up and operated by professionals with industry experience in this segment, We builds on existing processes and uses proven, state of art equipment’s in the hands of top experts to assure consistency and total reliability. With a no-compromise approach to manufacturing, we choose only the highest quality raw materials, checked at each stage and then innovate processes to deliver high performance products at reasonable prices. Ayka leverages its knowledge and proven expertise of its people to create the widest range of solutions available from a single source. When you have Ayka you have the guarantee of reliability and precise perfection.

Here at Ayka we are fanatical about the highest levels of hygiene and sterility in our production environment and manufacturing processes. From handling raw materials to each step of production, each process is carried out in class 8 cleanroom to ISO 14644 norms. Full automation in equipment is one way we take care of total cleanliness. The other part is handled by the most rigorous supervision by trained, qualified and experienced personnel with a passionate dedication to highest levels of quality.